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Growing different varieties of lilies per cut in a greenhouse


Lilies are amazing flowers of different colors, are not whimsical, you can grow them on one flower bed with flowers such as roses, majors and marigolds.

New varieties are introduced by various technologies. Planting materials: bulbs. During transportation, they are sprinkled with peat and wrapped in packets, but so that the future plant could breathe. Bulbs need ventilation and a temperature of minus 1.5 -2 degrees (during transportation). It is best to order Dutch onions.

Growing lilies in greenhouses

Lilies can be grown in glass or film-coated greenhouses. Plants need additional lighting and a certain amount of humidity (depending on the variety). Before planting the bulbs, it is not necessary to disinfect, because they have already been processed in the Dutch nursery.

To grow lilies in a greenhouse (no matter what type) you need a computer technology program that regulates temperature, humidity, lighting, and fertilizer delivery on schedule.

Varietal row of lilies

Nowadays, there are five varieties:

1.Asian hybrid (strong aroma, variety does not tolerate stagnation of water).

2. Oriental hybrid (Strong aroma, large flowers.)

3. Longiflorum (subtle smell, medium-sized white flowers).

4.Lahybrid (faint smell).

5. Hybrid hybrids (weak aroma, resistant to diseases such as chlorosis).

Planting lilies

When planting, you need to take into account that there are early, middle and late varieties, this plays a big role. Bulbs, according to technology, are planted in 64 pieces per 1 square meter. But East Hybrids - you need to plant 49 pieces per 1 square meter. The width of the ridges should be 1m. The best distillation is carried out in "lily" boxes, since the fertilizer is well absorbed in them, which has a very positive effect on the growth and development of the plant. The plant feeds through the roots, which appear 2 weeks after planting.

Growing Lilies (video)

At this time, the temperature of the soil should be kept at 9 degrees, and air at least 13 degrees. If the temperature is higher than the required indicators, then the lilies need to be cooled, shaded and sprayed. After planting, the substrate needs to be watered and most importantly, so that its upper layer is always wet. If there is not enough water for the plant, then it does not develop well and dries out - in a word, it dies. Accordingly, this will degrade the quality of the colors intended for cutting. Useful material about erythronium (dog canine).

Features of planting lilies

At a time when the air temperature holds 15-20 degrees, it is worth planting small bulbs, since at such temperatures large bulbs can get burned during budding. In winter and autumn, the temperature in the greenhouse should be no higher than 14 degrees, since high temperatures badly affect the quality of the peduncle. High temperature and low light contribute to the death and drying of plants.

In the dark, you need to illuminate the greenhouse 16 hours a day, this will positively affect further growth.

If you follow the tips for growing lilies in greenhouses, then you will succeed! We recommend reading the article on cardiocrinum.

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