Cultivator Mole: technical specifications and operating rules


Cultivator "Mole" is a model of the Soviet and Russian walk-behind tractor, the release of which was established more than twenty years ago. Good technical characteristics have allowed to operate it to the present day.

Cultivator Mole: technical characteristics and purpose

Petrol motoblocks "Mole" consist of the following main parts:

  • gearbox;
  • a frame fixed to the gearbox with bolts;
  • handle for manual control;
  • bracket designed for the use of additional types of equipment;
  • levers for shifting revolutions and clutch.

Some modern models are characterized by the presence of reverse gear that can be switched on the handle. Mounted type equipment is fixed to gear input shafts.

The purpose of the Mole cultivator is as follows:

  • plowing the soil. Soil mills are installed on output gear shafts. The wheels are lifted, and the coulter is fixed to the bracket, by means of which braking is carried out and the depth of plowing is regulated. A pair of external and a pair of internal milling cutters belong to the category of working bodies and movers of cultivating equipment. On fairly light soils, additional use of the third set of cutters is allowed, which improves the stability of the equipment;
  • weeding measures involve the installation of special L-shaped weights on internal milling cutters;
  • weeding measures with preliminary hilling of potatoes involve the replacement of the coulter with a special hoe. The equipment is provided with metal wheels with dirt hooks;

  • for digging potatoes, metal wheels and lugs are installed. The coulter changes to a digger;
  • plow plowing involves the installation of metal wheels and lugs on gear shafts and attachment of the plow;
  • if necessary, mow the grass and make hay on the front of the cultivator, hang the mower. Wheels must be installed on the gearbox output shafts;
  • when pumping water from an open reservoir to the frame, it is necessary to install special pumping equipment. A V-belt drive is used to connect to the engine.

It is very convenient to equip a small trolley with a load capacity of up to 200 kg. In this case, rubber wheels are replaced.

Mole cultivator overview (video)

The instruction manual of the Krot motocultivator

The instruction manual attached to the unit allows not only to use the cultivator correctly, but also to make simple repairs with your own hands. The average service life can be significantly increased by strictly observing all operating rules, observing maintenance and storage.

The basic operating rules prescribed in the instructions are as follows:

  • the first fifteen hours of operation are considered the running-in time of the device, therefore it is unacceptable to use the unit at full capacity;
  • the site is processed in several passes, with a gradual increase in depth;
  • it should be remembered that the space located between the rotor knives and the gear housing can become clogged with foreign objects, which requires monitoring and timely cleaning;
  • when processing soil with a significant amount of vegetable debris and stones, it is recommended to work at a reduced speed of rotation of the rotor knives.

You can transport the cultivator in the luggage compartment of the car, laying the unit on its side with the starter turned up, which will prevent the oil from draining from the gearbox.

Refueling the fuel tank, as well as adjusting the carburetor and measures related to maintenance must be carried out in the conditions of a stopped engine. Strict adherence to general fire safety rules is also necessary. when working with any flammable liquids.

It is very important to minimize the risk of the fuel mixture getting onto a hot engine or muffler, and the engine is started when the clutch is off. The cultivator "Mole" is operated with installed casings.

Installation of an imported engine on the mole walk-behind tractor

It is generally accepted that the operation of such a model with an imported engine becomes more stable and convenient for the operator. In this case, it will be necessary to remodel the frame minimally, and the whole process will consist of several fairly simple manipulations. Many owners of the "Mole" cultivator note that the best option is to install on engine Lifan-168FB with a capacity of 6.5 l / s. Also, a good result is obtained by using an electric motor to install Patriot and SadkoDE-220 with a capacity of 4.2 l / s.

Do-it-yourself algorithm for replacing an engine:

  • unscrew all fastenings on the factory engine, represented by four standard bolts;
  • remove the jamming wires and gas and remove the factory engine from the frame;
  • mark all points for drilling on the frame, which will allow you to install a new engine. To this end, you need to install a new engine on the frame, put on a belt and move the motor along the frame to the required belt tension;
  • mark the areas for drilling a pair of through holes and drill them;
  • fasten the new engine to the frame using bolts 3.5 cm long;
  • tighten a couple of bolts to the stop, and then connect the system to the clutch, gas and jamming.

After the new engine is installed on the frame of the walk-behind tractor, it is necessary to conduct a thorough inspection of all connection nodes and test the operation of the unit.

DIY cultivator of the Mole:

In the process of self-repair of the mole model motoblock, not only old-style spare parts can be used, but also new, modern consumables.

How to replace the engine on the mole cultivator (video)

Eliminate engine damage

If the engine does not start:

  • blow with air or disassemble and clean the fuel supply system;
  • clean or completely replace the filter;
  • eliminate blockage of the drainage hole of the cover on the gas tank;
  • replace candles or magnetos.

If the engine stalls or runs intermittently:

  • remove carbon deposits from candles;
  • firmly install the tip of the high voltage wire to the candle.

If engine operation is not observed at full power:

  • clean carburetor;
  • replace the crankcase cuff;
  • loosen the fastening nuts and set the pulleys in one plane;
  • adjust the tension level of the V-belt;
  • replace the piston rings, piston and cylinder.

If there are defects in the work in the form of a lack of start-up, it is necessary to check the serviceability of the candles and suppressive resistance, to make sure the connection of high-voltage wires and the absence of insulation faults, and carefully examine the gas hoses for cracks and through abrasions.

Carburetor adjustment k60v

The K60 carburetor is used on the mole motoblock engine. If necessary, to carry out independent regulation, you must perform the following simple steps:

  • dismantle the float chamber on the walk-behind tractor;
  • bend the tongue to a distance of 15-17 mm.

The design contains a pair of adjusting screws: to raise the throttle and the quality parameters of the mixture used. In the process of turning the second screw, the mixture is enriched and vice versa. Initially, the engine should be slightly warmed up, after which the idle speed is adjusted. The position of the screw is adjusted, which is responsible for the quality indicators of the mixture. For this purpose, it is necessary to screw this screw one or one and a half turns counterclockwise until it stops. Then you need to increase the number of revolutions.

Replacing old-style spare parts

Units and units of the old model require repair much more often than any high-quality new models. It is this situation that explains the high popularity and relevance of parts and elements of the old model. It is quite problematic to purchase parts represented by a gas tank cap, a candle cover, or a starter dog.

The design of the Krot motor-cultivator was originally well thought out and so simple that the owner of such an aggregate, possessing even the most basic technical knowledge, can cope not only with self-repairing equipment, but also with its modernization. Timely modernization significantly extends the average operating life set by the manufacturer, facilitates the search for spare parts, facilitates not only work, but also maintenance.

How to replace bearings on the Mole cultivator (video)

Popular in our country, the mole model cultivator is designed for operation in regions characterized by moderate climatic conditions. The temperature regime of air during operation can vary between 1-40 ° C, and the service life of the unit depends on strict adherence to all operating rules, proper maintenance and proper storage.