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Winter preparations of cucumbers with carrots


Pickled vegetables are not only tasty, but also healthy. How nice to enjoy their taste, especially in winter! There are a lot of recipes for canning cucumbers. An experienced hostess has her own secrets in stock, which she uses with pleasure in the kitchen. By adding a new ingredient to the regular recipe, you can give the finished dish a refined taste. So, canned cucumbers with carrots.

Bulgarian canning

The composition of the recipe:

  • cucumbers - 3 kg;
  • pepper - 1 piece;
  • sugar - 800 grams;
  • salt - 4 tbsp. l .;
  • vinegar - 1 liter;
  • peppercorns - 3 peas;
  • garlic - 15 cloves;
  • water - 2 liters;
  • carrots - 3 pieces;
  • bay leaf - 3 pieces;
  • currant - 7 leaves;
  • parsley - 1 root.


  1. It will take a big pot. It is necessary to pour water into it, pour the right amount of salt and sugar. Then everything is brought to a boil. Only after all is vinegar added.
  2. While the brine is boiling, it's time to start preparing vegetables. It is advisable to choose cucumbers of medium size. They need to be washed, trimmed if necessary.
  3. Bulgarian pepper is washed, cleaned of seeds and cut into several parts.
  4. Carrots must also be washed, peeled and cut into small pieces.
  5. Garlic needs to be peeled, washed and also cut into several parts.
  6. After the brine has boiled, you need to pour prepared vegetables and currant leaves into it.
  7. The resulting mass is boiled for 5 minutes.
  8. After cucumbers, peppers, carrots need to be taken out and arranged in previously sterilized jars.
  9. The brine must be boiled, then add peas of pepper and bay leaves to it.
  10. Immediately you need to pour the brine into banks.
  11. Banks are rolled up, wrapped up and left alone until completely cooled.

For reliability, it is advisable to turn over the banks: this will be noticeable if the marinade leaks.

Whipped pickled cucumbers with carrots


  • sugar - 0.5 tbsp. l .;
  • cucumbers - 300 grams;
  • mustard - 1 tsp;
  • vinegar - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • carrot - 100 grams;
  • sunflower oil - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • lettuce - ½ onion;
  • dill - 1 tsp;
  • salt - the third part of tsp;
  • chopped coriander - the third part of tsp.

Stages of preparation:

  1. First you need to do cucumbers. They should be fresh and tight. To make the cucumbers crispy, they need to be dipped in cool water for an hour.
  2. For cucumbers, trim the tails and cut them into small sized pieces. Cucumbers get enough sleep in a bowl.
  3. Carrots are recommended to choose sweet varieties, this will give the appetizer a spicy taste. Rinse the carrots, peel them and chop with a grater designed for Korean carrots. If such a grater is not at hand, you can use the usual, with a large nozzle. Pour the carrots to the cucumbers.
  4. Peel, wash and chop the onion in half rings.
  5. Dill is also washed and chopped.
  6. Onions and dill can be poured into a bowl of vegetables.
  7. Then all the prepared ingredients need to be salt, pour sugar, sunflower oil, vinegar, mustard.
  8. To give the appetizer a refined aroma, you can add dried coriander. This is a great addition to vegetables.
  9. All the contents of the bowl should be mixed well and put into glass containers. Next, you need to put the snack in the refrigerator.

The workpiece is stored for a long time. And the aroma is like from fresh vegetables.

Canned Cucumbers with Carrots, Onions and Ketchup

The composition of the recipe:

  • ketchup - 1 glass;
  • cucumbers - 3 kg;
  • salt - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • onion - 4 onions;
  • water - one and a half liters;
  • bay leaf - 7 pieces;
  • peppercorns - 14 pieces;
  • carrot - 4 root crops;
  • sugar - 1 cup.


  1. First you need to do cucumbers. They are recommended to be put in cool water for several hours. After them you need to cut the tails.
  2. The onion is peeled, washed and cut into half rings.
  3. Rinse the carrots, peel and grate.
  4. Cans and lids for preservation should be prepared in advance. To do this, they need to be sterilized.
  5. At the bottom of the can, put onions and carrots, then lay the cucumbers. Peppercorns and bay leaves are also added.
  6. It’s time to pickle. To prepare it, you need to pour water into the pan, pour sugar, salt into it, add ketchup. Then everything is well mixed, brought to a boil and boiled for 2 minutes. After you need to pour vinegar.
  7. The brine is ready. Now it must be poured into banks and tighten the lids.

It is advisable to turn the cans over, and cover with warm material on top and hide in a dark place until cool.

Cucumbers with Carrot Tops

Recipes of pickled cucumbers for every lover of homemade preparations, for sure, are not the only ones in stock: sweeter, sharper, with sourness. The taste of the cucumbers depends on which company the hostess picked them. For example, carrot tops will give a spicy touch to the taste of this favorite dish in Russia. It is rich in vitamin C, contains iron, phosphorus, calcium, essential oils and has a special pleasant aroma.

Requires a small set of products:

  • Water - two liters;
  • Tops of carrots - 4 branches per jar;
  • Vinegar (9%) - 120 ml;
  • Sugar - seven spoons (tablespoons);
  • Salt - two spoons without a hill (tablespoons);
  • Cucumbers - how much will fit in a jar.


  1. Prepare jars by sterilizing them in the oven (microwave) or boiling. Rinse the tops and cucumbers well.
  2. Arrange carrot tops and cucumbers in banks (as tight as possible). Twigs can be put to the bottom, or for beauty - on the walls.
  3. Pour boiling water into jars and leave to cool.
  4. When the water has cooled, drain it into a container by adding boiled water (2 liters should be obtained). Pouring salt and sugar, wait for the water to boil. Remove the pan from the stove, pour vinegar. Put on the fire again until it boils.
  5. The resulting solution needs to pour cucumbers with tops and roll up banks. Turning them over, wrap them well. Allow them to cool. Only then can you send the banks for storage where it is cool.

On a note:

  • Before preservation, cucumbers need to be filled with water at least for a couple of hours, cutting off the tips.
  • For reliability (if the billets are stored at room temperature), the cans filled with brine can be sterilized.
  • It is better to try these cucumbers not earlier than three months after the spin, so that the carrot tops have time to share their taste and benefits with the cucumbers.

This recipe is not traditional, but it’s worth trying to prepare cucumbers with carrot tops for the winter. Maybe he will become the most beloved.

Pickled salad

The composition of the recipe:

  • cucumbers - 1 kg;
  • onion - 3 onions;
  • salt - 75 g;
  • garlic - 1 clove;
  • vinegar - 1 glass;
  • allspice - 2 peas;
  • bay leaf - 2 pieces;
  • dry dill - 1 tsp;
  • carrot - 1 piece;
  • water - one and a half liters;
  • granulated sugar - 150 g.

Stages of preparation:

  1. Cucumbers need to choose fresh, preferably a small size. First, they must be washed and cut across slices of medium size.
  2. The onion is peeled, washed and cut into small rings.
  3. Rinse the carrots, peel them, remove the carrot tops, and then chop on a coarse grater.
  4. You need to prepare the cans in advance, they go through the sterilization process. In each container you need to put a clove of garlic cut into several parts, bay leaves, peas, dill seeds.
  5. Next, you need to lay out the vegetables. To begin with, lay a layer of onions, then carrots, after cucumbers. By alternating these vegetables, you need to fill the entire container to the end.
  6. Now it's time to cook the marinade. Boil the water and pour salt and sugar into it. Then vinegar is poured.
  7. Boiling marinade is poured into jars and covered with lids. Banks are sterilized for half an hour over low heat.
  8. Banks need to get out and roll up the lids.

To maintain an attractive appearance, it is better not to turn the cans over. Wrap only heat until cool.

Vegetable salad


  • onions - one and a half kg;
  • cabbage - 4 kg;
  • pepper - one and a half kg;
  • vinegar - 200 ml;
  • cucumbers - 2 kg;
  • bay leaf - 4 pieces;
  • sugar - 200 g;
  • carrot - one and a half kg;
  • sunflower oil - 500 ml;
  • tomatoes - 2 kg;
  • salt - 2 pinches.

Stages of preparation:

  1. First you need to do the preparation of vegetables. Cabbage is washed and chopped into thin strips.
  2. Cucumbers are washed and cut into thin slices in the shape of a semicircle.
  3. Then you need to do pepper. Seeds are removed and cut into half rings.
  4. The onion is peeled, washed and cut into half rings.
  5. Tomatoes also need to be washed and cut into small slices.
  6. Carrots are peeled, washed and cut into small circles, slices or half rings.
  7. All cooked vegetables need to be mixed and simmered over low heat for 30 minutes.
  8. Sealing jars must be thoroughly washed. Lettuce is laid out in them and covered with a lid. Within half an hour, the jars are sterilized and then twisted with lids.

For reliability, twisted cans are best turned upside down and wrapped on top.

Tasty Korean cucumber salad for the winter (video)

All preparations for the winter are tasty and piquant. They are considered an excellent snack on the family table. Out of the variety of preservation, an experienced housewife will choose the right recipe that will definitely become a favorite. With these recipes, you can enjoy a wonderful variety of dishes all winter and delight the whole family with their wonderful taste.

Such a blank will not be ashamed to offer guests. They will be able to appreciate her, and the hostess will hear many compliments.