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Pros and cons of Vax (vacuum preservation systems)


It has long been proved by scientists, and verified by the hostesses, that food and drinks are much better and longer stored if vacuum was used in their preservation or packaging. Recently, more and more often this method has been used for canning, as it is convenient, fast and reliable. There are many similar devices on the market, but there is a risk of acquiring a low-quality fake. After reviewing numerous reviews on the network, you can find out that the most popular is Vax - a vacuum canning system. How does it work, what are its advantages, are there any disadvantages?

Short description

The original system includes a set of vacuum caps and a special vacuum pump for quickly pumping air from containers. When buying, you must carefully inspect the package: for damage on it. There must also be information about the product, from which you can find the expiration date, production date.

In the absence of manufacturer data, there is a huge risk of acquiring a fake, which will certainly affect the storage of products and the quality of the closure.

An excellent feature of the vacuum system is that you can choose a device based on the diameters of the glass containers. What does it mean? Manufacturer "Source" offers sets with different lids, which pleases the housewives when canning fruits or vegetables in non-standard banks. Each set is accompanied by information, which certainly indicates the diameter of the covers. If such information is missing or does not match the contents of the package, it is not recommended to purchase the kit - this is a low-quality fake.

Pros of using

  1. Vacuum canning is popular with many housewives for significant time savings. If with ordinary tin covers you have to do several processes (removing rubber bands, putting them back, sterilizing, rolling up, checking for leaks, turning upside down for cooling), then vacuum covers are much easier to use. Of course, they must also be checked before use, but the preparation is almost finished, except for pouring boiling water before capping.
  2. Another great feature of the vacuum kit is that it lasts a long time, which allows you to save on the purchase of covers. A high-quality device promises to serve for several years, and cans can be corked more than a hundred times, while the integrity is not broken. After the container is closed, the jars do not need to be turned over, which is also what the housewives like, because simple covers can not do without this, and if careless work, poor rolling with a poor-quality or old key, there is a risk of getting burned with boiling compote or marinade.
  3. The use of a vacuum system allows the wrapping of containers with warm things. This allows you to extend the sterilization, if the workpiece must reach the desired state in the heat. Although you can’t turn the lids down, the banks will perfectly transfer the procedure in its natural position, after which you can send them to a permanent location - in the basement or cellar, in some cases - in the refrigerator.


Of course, if there are positive aspects to using the system, then there are certainly disadvantages.

  1. The most important one is the appearance of numerous fakes, which undermine the trust of users in the original manufacturer. If the country of China is indicated on the package at the time of purchase, it is better to return the goods back to the seller - despite the warm assurances of quality, you will most likely have to be disappointed at the first use. Even if during the capping there were no unpleasant incidents, the shelf life will not make an impression due to its short life.
  2. Often the housewives complain that stews are perfectly handled by stewed fruit, salads and preserves, but preserving the cucumbers causes some problems - the lids open. It is better to use ordinary tin lids when pickling such vegetables, and leave vacuum covers for other workpieces. There is another way out - to try to use the system on cucumbers prepared using different recipes.

Sometimes the contents of the container affect the breakdown of the lids.

Proper use

  1. The first thing to do before canning is to check the banks for defects. The slightest chips or cracks make the container unusable. Only then can you start preparing the covers.
  2. Gaskets should fit snugly into the grooves without leaving voids.
  3. After installing the lid on the container, the pump is inserted into the hole and moving the rod to the stop (5-7 strokes) to pump out air. If there are storage products in the container, the number of rolls increases several times.
  4. Removing the lid is simple and convenient: lifting the valve with your finger, you need to let air into the container, after which it itself slides off the neck. It is forbidden to use sharp or metal devices for this: lids can be damaged, in the future they will become unsuitable for canning.
  5. After use, the pump and covers must be washed with warm water. It also often happens that the pump peg moves tight, you have to make efforts to pump air out of the tank. It is easy to help here - to lubricate the cuff itself with a small amount of Vaseline.

Since most housewives use wax only for canning, the cuff can become stiff and hard during storage. It is easy to correct her condition with boiling water - for a few minutes lower the device into a large container with boiling water. If such a simple trick did not help, you will have to throw away the part and purchase another.

Useful Tips

  1. Keep preservation in the cellar, for which the wax system was used, you must carefully, regularly checking the containers. Mice can nibble on the valve, causing the contents to inevitably deteriorate.
  2. If the period of use of the vaccine has expired, it is not recommended to seal blanks with vacuum. You can use the lids in the kitchen for some time to store food in the refrigerator, after checking the quality of the cork. This is simple to do - by pouring water into the container, pumping air and turning the container on a sheet of paper. If it is saturated with moisture, then you should not use such covers, they will not benefit from them more than from ordinary plastic ones.
  3. The first use of the vacuum system should only occur after carefully familiarizing yourself with the device. To do this, there is an instruction for use, which must be studied, and then try to seal a simple jar with a vacuum method. This will help to use the product without problems in the future during conservation.
  4. An important point - when rolling containers with marinades, it is forbidden to touch the inside of the lids with your fingers. This can destroy sterility, which will necessarily affect the duration of storage. After using the lids, be sure to rinse and dry well.
  5. If, after opening the workpiece, only a part of the contents was used, it is again possible to pump out air using a pump and send the container to the refrigerator. Shelf life will be twice as long, but you should not hope that it will be the same as that of conventional conservation: this is no longer a procurement, but simply a product.

Vacuum system Vax (video)

Based on the above positive and negative characteristics of the vacuum canning system, each housewife can draw the appropriate conclusions for herself. You can decide by what method you can achieve the duration of storage of blanks yourself, but you need to weigh all the factors. It is worth saying that the price of wax is by no means small, but in view of the fact that you can use the device for many years, you will have to spend it only once. The advantages are obvious, you can buy only one package, try to preserve and only then evaluate the convenience and effectiveness of using the vacuum method.